Proptimize and CityLink lease 7,310 m² to ADA Textile Recycling in Maassluis

September 28, 2021

Proptimize has signed a lease agreement with ADA Textiel Recycling B.V. for the lease of 7,310 m² of business space on Heldringstraat 39 in Maassluis.

This means that the building is now fully leased. The property is part of the CityLink platform established last year. It is a long-term lease, which will start on 1 March 2022. De Mik Bedrijfshuisvesting and JLL were collectively involved in the letting.

ADA Textiel Recycling

ADA Textile Recycling is a family business founded in 2003. The company specialises in sorting and revalorising used/abandoned textiles. Every day, 20 tonnes of raw materials are processed. ADA’s goal is to provide a superior quality end product and contribute to a sustainable global trade in textiles.