CityLink invests in urban logistics real estate
for last mile solutions

CityLink invests in last mile urban logistics real estate located in and around densely populated areas.

These properties typically serve as the last link in the logistics supply chain before reaching the customer.

Our investment strategy is driven by changing consumer behaviour as a result of e-commerce, urbanization and technology. Sustainability, service, and speed are our guiding principles.






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in last mile logistics

Investing in last mile real estate has one very important feature: a location close to the customer base. Our focus is on acquiring logistics real estate in and around the most densely populated areas in the Netherlands.

in our clients

We see our tenants as long-term partners and clients and we provide modernized facilities in the optimal locations.

in tailor made solutions

In a high-demand market, scarcity is increasingly emerging. In urban logistics real estate, demand can be specific and challenging, making it difficult for many users to find a building that meets all their needs.


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