CityLink has closed four new lease agreements with a total area of approximately 22,000 sqm.

February 15, 2024

CityLink welcomes new tenants following the closing of four long-term lease agreements. An agreement has been signed for 2,793 sqm at Dukdalfweg 7 in Amsterdam.

KS Rentals will expand its operations in the industrial space at Distributieweg 17 in Alphen aan den Rijn, where they will rent 5,000 sqm for the storage of tent accommodations for event rentals.

XtraParts Automotive will occupy a space of 2,587 sqm at Pieter Zeemanweg 146 in Dordrecht, where they will establish a one-stop-shop for car parts.

And Holwerda Transport has decided to extend the lease agreement at Steiger 139 in Almere for 11,520 sqm. The tenant, specialized in transport and distribution movements, will thus remain active at this location.

CityLink was advised by GA Makelaars in the transaction at Dukdalfweg 7 in Amsterdam. Van Vliet Bedrijfsmakelaars and Ooms Drechtsteden assisted CityLink in the transaction at Pieter Zeemanweg 146 in Dordrecht.