CityLink leases 12 business units at the Keurmeesterstraat in Amstelveen

April 7, 2023

CityLink has successfully leased 12 business units at Keurmeesterstraat 45-59/Afmijnstraat 18-24 in Amstelveen. The tenants work in various industries, including a construction company, golf shop, wholesaler, engineering firm and a chocolate factory. After CityLink added the property to its portfolio in Q3 2022, they managed to fully lease all units within a period of 8 months.

The business units cover a total of approx. 5,476 m² rentable floor area. All business units have office space and are located on the business park ‘De Loeten’. The units have been delivered with an A++ energy label and each has its own parking space. Due to its location in the south of the town Amstelveen, the location is centrally located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Colliers and Van Luling completed the lease transactions on behalf of CityLink.