CityLink expands its portfolio with purchase of business complex in Barendrecht

February 1, 2022

HighBrook Investors and Proptimize have purchased an industrial property in Barendrecht on behalf of the CityLink portfolio. The industrial property, located at Donk 3 in Barendrecht, has recently been sold by Westpoort Vastgoed to CityLink. The property consists of approximately 12,761 sqm of warehouse and office space with associated on-site parking.

Roobol Woontextiel, already a tenant in the property, will lease the property back from CityLink for a long period.

CityLink was advised by De Mik Bedrijfshuisvesting B.V. in this transaction.

Westpoort Vastgoed

Westpoort Vastgoed is an investor, developer and manager of a commercial real estate portfolio consisting of offices, stores, business premises and large-scale retail locations such as residential boulevards.

HighBrook Investors

HighBrook Investors (2010) is a private equity investor with a focus on value-add real estate in North America and Europe. HighBrook Investors focuses on property acquisition and active management to add value.


Proptimize (2012) is an independent real estate company, active as a developer of logistics real estate. In addition, we offer a ‘full service’ asset management platform in the field of logistics, last-mile and offices to a select group of (inter)national investment partners.

By combining local knowledge and expertise and with the experience in building real estate portfolios, HighBrook and Proptimize form an excellent partnership to make CityLink a success.