CityLink starts 2023 with success in many areas ways.

February 24, 2023

CityLink looks back with pride on the past year and has started the new year with confidence. The year 2022 was successful for CityLink, partly due to an enormous growth of the portfolio and a significant strengthening of the team.

In the last quarter of 2022, 6 new employees were welcomed and 14 new properties were added to the urban portfolio. To provide every employee with a suitable and comfortable workplace, CityLink recently moved to a new location at Weena 730A in Rotterdam. Within a year the team has grown to 22 employees with extensive knowledge of acquisition, asset management, finance and technical management.

CityLink operates in a real estate industry where developments, assets and investments are central. The portfolio exclusively consists of assets in urban areas with a focus on logistics. To include this, CityLink has changed its tagline to Urban logistics real estate.

CityLink is pleased with these successes and looks forward to further expand and strengthen the company in 2023. The organization has been in existence for over a year now and has built up an impressive urban logistics portfolio, consisting of 85 urban logistics assets, with a total of 750,000 square meter and containing 155 tenants. CityLink does not intend to stagnate in this growth; she would like to continue this in 2023.